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Singularity Studios, LLC

EST. 2013SingularityStudios.com

When I started freelancing in 2008, I operated and filed taxes in my own name. In 2013, I decided to create a Kentucky LLC to formalize myself as a business.

This entity is the legal owner of all the other companies listed below.

Parallax Web Services, Inc.

EST. 2014

My failed attempt at starting my own cloud hosting provider. I originally had partners in Canada, so forming an LLC was not possible. (An LLC may only have US-based partners.)

I haven't given up on this business completely, but will need to pivot to services more viable to build and maintain with a small team.

Rapid Labs, LLC


A first attempt at establishing my own development agency with employees. Cash flow, as always, is the hard part.

Talbot Technologies, LLC

EST. 2016

The original purpose for which the talbot.tech domain was purchased.

Ever since I was a young boy, my dad and I worked together to build and repair electronics.

This was my attempt to turn that into a real business repairing and buying/selling consumer electronics.

Once I have sufficient cash flow, I will give this another go.

Theta Labs, LLC

EST. 2016

My second attempt at forming my own development agency, this time working primarily with freelancers instead of employees.

This has been more successful, however maintaining a steady stream of work to keep multiple developers busy & paid proved to be a distraction from existing paying customers.

Unblurred Vision, LLC

EST. 2019

I've worked with clients in the prescription eyewear industry since 2014.

I'm working on software to better support them and similar businesses, but my plans are still at least a year away from fruition.

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