Talbot On Tech

I'm Sean Talbot and I've been doing crazy things with PHP since 2004.

I was fortunate enough to begin earning a living in 2008 as a freelance full-stack web app developer.

I maintain legacy applications for clients, and occasionally get the opportunity to build new ones too.

Need Help? I'm always available for hire

Teaching, Organizing & Entrepreneurship

I've taught Laravel to up-and-coming developers as part of a development bootcamp. I'm an off-and-on-again Meetup organizer and attendee as well.

Building on what I learned from running the bootcamp, I have a beginner developer course in progress. I'm working on some intermediate-level courses as well.

As a recovering entrepreneur, I've tried and failed many times to move beyond freelancing. Failure is a great teacher, so I don't regret my attempts at all.

Origin Story

I didn't go to college, but luckily had an amazing Computer Science teacher throughout my high school years. We got to work with Java, Django, Regular Expressions and play with Alice. (Sorry, O'B - I still don't write enough test cases 😩)

Since day one, I've taught myself everything I needed to know to deliver results for clients. I started as a perfectionist, but pragmatism (and a need to pay the bills) has won out.

In the ancient days of PHP 4, we didn't have namespaces or proper OOP, Composer and magical MVC frameworks. We didn't have Laracasts, Stack Overflow, or even Twitter to fall back on as a resource, so had to make do with PHP's documentation (which, fortunately, were great even then.) Nobody really liked PEAR or PECL, but we used them begrudgingly to make our lives a little bit easier.

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